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Dental Implants

What a great office. Spa like, soothing atmosphere. I was extremely satisfied with the work performed by Dr. Kumar, and the staff was so sweet and helpful. I really felt like i was educated the entire way through! Great office and I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for something other than the same old get them in and out no relationship based offices. Thank you Smile More Today! ~ Anonymous

Although teeth are supposed to last throughout our lifetime, there are influences that affect them. Some factors may lead to the loss of a tooth or may necessitate the removal of all teeth. The focus then shifts to restoring full function and beauty to the face. For those who prefer a more stable restoration than what is possible with a traditional denture appliance, dental implants may provide the ideal solution to a missing tooth or teeth.

In many dental practices, the dental implant procedure is referred to a specialist. At Smile More Today, Dr. Kumar himself handles the entire implant process, allowing our valued patients to receive all necessary care under one roof. Dr. Kumar is extensively trained, having gone through an 8-month continuum in Dental Implants and Advanced Prosthetic Dentistry at the prestigious Implant Seminars Dental Program. To facilitate a smooth treatment process for even the most complex cases, we incorporate the use of 3D dental i-CAT CT scanning technology.

Dental implants are not just a replacement for a tooth, but for the entire root structure, making this the only permanent solution for missing teeth. The foundation of an implant is a titanium post inserted into healthy jawbone. This bone then gradually grows around the implant, firmly securing it into the jaw as an artificial root system. This structure allows the implant to hold a dental crown, bridge, or to act as a support for a denture appliance. Dentists have been using implants for over half a century now, and this form of treatment remains highly successful, over 90 percent.

There are various benefits to choosing dental implants, the primary one being that this permanent restoration will last forever with proper home care. Dental implants are biocompatible and, therefore, do not irritate tissues in the mouth. This procedure produces a strong, stable restoration that looks and feels just like a natural tooth without requiring the modification of healthy teeth.

A dental implant can be used to replace a single tooth in a three-step process that includes:
  1. Placement of the titanium implant in healthy jawbone
  2. Affixing of the abutment, a small post that attaches the implant to a crown
  3. Placement of the custom-made dental crown onto the abutment
Dental implants can replace multiple teeth, acting as an alternative to a traditional dental bridge. This can be accomplished with the placement of as few as two to six implants.

Denture wearers are gaining a whole new experience from what has been largely available for many years, with the implant-supported denture. With this denture alternative, a few dental implants are inserted into healthy jawbone, and the denture appliance clips into place. Using implant-supported dentures, patients find new freedom in eating all types of food, as well as in laughing, speaking, and smiling.

Contact us to learn how dental implants can benefit your smile.

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