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Teeth straightening options offered by cosmetic dentist in Vernon Hills, IL

Having a straight, beautifully aligned smile is important for several reasons. First, a smile that is aligned properly is more aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Kumar, a cosmetic dentist in Vernon Hills, IL, knows how a properly aligned smile can have a dramatic effect on a patient’s self-esteem. Second, teeth that are aligned are easier to brush and floss, which can reduce the risk of developing conditions such as periodontal disease. Third, teeth in their proper positions can improve a patient’s biting and chewing efficiency, making it easier to eat and speak. Additionally, a patient’s self-confidence improves when they have a beautiful, healthy smile!

Dr. Kumar, of Smile More Today Dental Wellness Center, is committed to ensuring his patients feel great in their smiles. However, not every patient is a fan of traditional orthodontics. Hiding a smile behind metal brackets and wires for months—even years—turns many patients off to the idea of realigning their teeth. Dr. Kumar, of Vernon Hills, IL, offers various ways for patients to improve their smiles, including Invisalign, Inman aligners, Insignia 3D orthodontics and Powerprox six month cosmetic braces.

Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth in which patients wear a clear aligner tray that is custom-made for the alignment of their teeth. The aligners are worn for approximately two weeks at a time, gently moving teeth into new positions. Patients wearing the aligner trays will be straightening their teeth in a discreet way, maintaining their appearance throughout treatment.

Inman Aligners
Patients with minor misalignment, or those who experience shifting after previous orthodontic treatments, may benefit from an apparatus called Inman Aligners. This aligner system works by using bows and coil springs to guide teeth back into alignment. They are great for patients who have teeth that stick inward or outward, and can make a dramatic change in less than a few months when used correctly.

Powerprox Six Month Cosmetic Braces
Powerprox six month cosmetic braces are similar to traditional orthodontics. However, they use tooth-colored brackets and wires, and focus on the teeth near the front of the mouth. Treatment time averages around six months, allowing patients to improve their smile in a considerably shorter period than that of traditional orthodontic treatments.

Insignia 3D orthodontics
Similar to the initial planning for any orthodontic treatment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and bite. These will be sent to the Insignia lab, where innovative imaging software is used to produce a 3D model of your oral structure. Braces are constructed with great precision from this model.

Every aspect of Insignia custom braces is tailored for the effective movement of teeth, leading to fewer dental appointments and outstanding comfort throughout treatment. Customized treatment based 100 percent on your exact anatomical structure can also result in a more predictable outcome, as well as a shortened treatment time compared to conventional braces.

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